Postponed to July 29-31, 2021

Teacher's Day

Thu 29th July 2021

A focused one-day event will be run by the STEM Teacher Enrichment Academy in parallel with the Network Gender & STEM Conference to support teachers implementing STEM approaches in schools. While also focusing on the needs of a STEM workforce and the role schools might play to prepare students for the new work order, the STEM Teacher Enrichment Academy will provide opportunities for teachers, school leaders, school system personnel and policymakers to share successful STEM practices, and learn about the latest research into STEM education. Participants are welcomed to additionally register and attend the Network conference.

Program Overview

The Teacher’s Day will begin with a keynote presentation by Sarah Chapman, a science teacher from Townsville in Queensland followed by a panel of school leaders and systems personnel, and workshops from STEM Teacher Enrichment Academy Schools. At 1 pm the Teacher’s Day will connect with the main conference to hear a keynote presentation by Prof. Sue Thomson from ACER.

Keynote Speaker

Sarah Chapman

Townsville State High School, Australia

The power of partnerships to promote engagement of young people in STEM, international and local perspectives

Sarah Chapman is the Head of Department of Science at Townsville State High School and is in her sixteenth year of teaching. Sarah commits extensive portions of her own time lifting the profile of science education, by working with students, teachers and the broader community. She is the Founder of the Townsville STEM Hub. Sarah is an Executive Committee member of Women in Science Australia, and Director on the Board of Australian Girls ESTEAMME Collaborative, a subsidiary of Global Girls Collaborative, bringing together organisations that are committed to information and encouraging girls in Entrepreneurship, Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts, Mathematics and Maker Education.

Keynote abstract: Sarah Chapman was awarded a Barbara Cail STEM International Fellowship in 2016 to research and identify effective and innovative ways for promoting participation of young people, particularly girls, in STEM fields during their education and subsequent careers. In 2017, the report Engaging the Future of STEM, was published. The research included visits to schools, businesses, universities, government departments and communities all over the world, to find out what other OECD countries were doing that was having an impact on the rate of engagement in STEM education. This presentation will focus on best practice for engaging and sustaining young people in STEM, including:

  • understanding an effective STEM ecosystem & the importance of each stakeholder
  • embedding key strategies to engage girls in STEM
  • exploring the key role partnerships play in empowering students in STEM


A workshop provides an opportunity to exchange information or work on a common problem, project, or shared interest in order to involve and directly inform researchers, teachers, educators and vocational practitioners. A 400-word summary of the workshop session should be provided by the organiser, addressing:

  1. Objectives of the session
  2. Scholarly or scientific significance
  3. Practical implications
  4. Structure of the session, for example:
    1. Who should participate in the workshop?
    2. Will there be presentations in the workshop and if yes, how many?
    3. What kind of interactions/involvement will be provided to the participants?

Workshop proposals for the Teachers’ Day will open approximately March 2021 (TBC)

Submit your workshop proposal for Teachers’ Day

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